Monday, August 23, 2010


just what do people imagine one to be when they discover that you are an artist? Is it registered as a kind of condition, much like being blonde or flat footed? Could it be that because there are so many people who claim to be artists that it has lost any kind of meaning? There are those who have bought a pad of paper and a set of pencil crayons and have the urge to draw.... but dont. They claim to be artists.
Its time they regulated this title. Not that many fakers claim to be doctors or space scientists.
It leaves me dumbfounded when people see my work and utter "I never realised you did that..." I make art...I paint...I am not sure what they imagined. If I were a wine maker...would people be surprised if I produced a bottle of wine?..."I would never have imagined that you ACTUALLY make wine...fancy that!"
I rest my case.
Meanwhile I have been making art. Much to everyone's surprise. I know.... "and for my next trick..."
Sir Cornelis continues...gets darker and partially disappears. There are other things happening to that piece you cannot see. Its a surprise. I am doing something using paint. Completely unexpected.
I also began work on a red telephone. It may cause people to lose consciousness when they find out. Please show it around responsibly.
Hoarknockle is back and I suspect that he may have become contaminated by liberal ideas from his visit to Lord Pfaff.
Lady Sandra is packing the Maybach in anticipation of sending our boy off to university.

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  1. Nice little rant, Johann. It has always been a source of annoyance for me that 'artist' is such a generic title that disparate classes of individuals such as dancers, musicians, high wire walkers, manicurists and abstract expressionists like to co-opt as their own. Of course there are practitioners of the 'fine arts' that disdain illustrators who style themselves 'artists'. Oh, the scuffles of semantics!

    Perhaps, to be fair, claiming such a title is an ideal that is aspired to, rather than actually achieved? I suppose it is as worthy a goal as any.

    Here's one for Lady Sandra: Do medical doctors have issues with Ph.D's?