Saturday, June 26, 2010

is that the sound of antonio banderas?

I suddenly hear the voice of Antonio Banderas and it strikes fear in my veins... and this image looks like one of those sad eyed cat pictures sold in furniture stores. But the real cat looks like this... I may need to retire for a massage and a stiff gin and overnight rest before looking at this again.
Hoarknockle likes it. Lady Sandra has not yet seen it in this most recent state.
What will the dogs think of me if they find out I have been drawing a sad eyed cat?

1 comment:

  1. That cat might be Banderas' avatar; I'd be careful were I you. BTW, is that an Abssynian or a Finnish Oricat? I love those long ears. If it could talk, I imagine it would whisper with an OxBridge accent...

    Wherever did you come up with that name for your butler? If someone made your life into a movie, who would be cast as Hoarknockle?