Thursday, June 24, 2010


The debate over genetic engineering is often mere hysteria. Occasionally there are things that give me pause to consider why they exist. Rather like the BMX X6. Fainting goats. Chihuahuas and miniature Dobermans. Hairless cats.
Its rather as though some person was bored and decided to push the limits of sanity. "Hmmmm lets see if we can cross breed a blind mole with a horse?"
IN this case it seems as though the cat was cross bred with the skin of an elbow. (Anyone familiar with Billy Connolly's elbow skin joke?) Its an interesting animal but I'm not sure its a very good idea. This is not the kind of thing nature would have come up with without some hallucinogenic intervention.
No matter.
The cat exists and its a challenge to draw the millions of little carunculated little folds of skin. Hairless is still okay...but the wrinkled skin is not a characteristic I would have added. But as an artist, the thrill of drawing it is huge fun.
I wonder what would happen if you rubbed Oil of Olay Anti-Wrinkle on it?
The image is still in early stages, so watch this space. It will improve.
I have my very own opera ensemble warming up for their performance of the Ring Cycle while I work. I do believe its an opera about the Tour de France. ALLEZ!
Hoarknockle is shaking his head at me.
Lady Sandra is sunbathing in her Lady Godiva outfit.

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