Thursday, January 14, 2010


...well not really, more like a gusty breeze blowing me in circles.
I got some work off to a publication and then started work on an image for my son's high school end of year program. Its rather tough going when there is no brief, yet the recipients have all kinds of requirements and no one "knows" what is going on. As I am doing it as a freebee, one would imagine they would be on top of it...?
Meanwhile I have been doing research into all things technical. More to the point, matters pertaining to the new Canon 7D camera which shoots HD video and we are hoping to use in the making of a documentary. Its rather like having the ingredients of a very complicated cake all whirling about in mid air, like the particles in an electron cloud. You know there are there, but you have no idea what they look like or where they are.
The past few days have been educational. I have been learning.
Also cut up an old pair of aluminium crutches to form the structure of a camera stabilising rig I am building for the new camera. It needs to be welded together...I dont think the masking tape and hot glue is enough...not to talk of the cardboard mock up adjusting junction I made.
Busy without too much to show for it all. Satisfying though.
Hoarknockle is nursing some hot glue burns...I cannot imagine where he got them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

slimmed down

Throw out the clutter; I dont know what I was thinking. Was looking at the image for a while and decided to simplify it. Lower calories. Maybe it was the sound of "Biggest Loser" in the background. I think Hoarknockle was watching, he has a thing for tubbies.

dream dream

After some hard hatching, the image is developing some depth and then I may do some more.
Painter has so many little aspects one finds over time... well, I do. I keep finding things I didnt know were there and they make work easier. There certainly is something about developing an image and seeing it plunge into it and lose yourself at times.
Thankfully Hoarknockle has me attached to a safety harness and can pull me back if I go in too deep.
Its snowing today...light fluffy like meringue....hmmmmmm meringue.
Time for tea?

Monday, January 4, 2010

fading jangle

....and as the jingle jangle of the shopping mall music fades mercifully...
I'm here again, at my warm computer, a cooled teacup at my elbow. Hoarknockle is almost fully recovered from the abrasions sustained during the festive hurly burly.
Lady Sandra bought me a delightful Picasso, although I was hoping for a swath of Monet's Waterlilies. The only thing that prevented it was finding a large enough wall for it to hang on and her Ladyship was not going to allow me to move her collection of rare and unique snow shovels. Thus for now, the Waterlilies remain in Paris.
My wrestling contest with designer chairs continues.
So far so good. I may have to get into it with some more ink and pen and really give it some wellie. Not sure if anyone will comprehend the subtle humour of an ejector seat. Nonetheless.
Cross hatchings and more hatchings. Next is the completion of the tin chickiola. Both of these images have to be done by wednesday.