Monday, December 21, 2009

in a pear tree...

A slight change of pace in this festive season. The partridge flew off leaving me with some pears. Hoarknockle is about to do them in red wine for later tonight.
This is nothing huge or clever. Its just a piece because the pears were beautiful and I liked how they stood obediently in line. I wanted them to have some gravitas and to tip my hat at the 17th C still life artists who did such inspiring work. Plain and simple. No special effects, car chases or exploding spaceships.
The Christmas tree has gifts beneath it and a wonderful feeling of anticipation permeates the house. There is enough snow outdoors to make it look beautiful, without disrupting our lives.
I want to get back into the deep again soon and rework the tin chick image I made. I think it needs something to make it more convincing and add some layers of meaning to it. I may have been a little premature in finishing it. Okay, seduced me.
Here's to all my friends...


  1. jaw agape... those pears! Love your Christmas descriptions (tree, presents, snow). Have a happy one!

  2. Those pears are beautiful Johann and do indeed invoke the 17thc. Dutch/Flemish masters! Makes me wonder if Vermeer had the technology we have today, would we still be enjoying his masterpieces?