Friday, July 30, 2010


the work before starting on the actual painting is less romantic and just requires a brush and paint applied to a surface to prepare the surface. This gives me time to reflect on the concepts and techniques I want to use and refine the imagery I have in my head.
As I sit here watching Hoarknockle scrape and paint the boxes and boards I will use, I can sip a beautiful wine and marvel at the tenacity of the human body as it works to paint and sand, a tedious and exhausting cycle of steps that will allow me to work on a velvety smooth substrate.
I am also using an old scenic painting trick of painting acrylic onto PVC plastic in layers and then peeling it off and then sticking it to a board or other surface... this gives the effect of thick old paint which can be peeled back or cracked and splintered off, giving wonderful textural effects. I also plan on using chips and sheets of this paint to draw on in silverpoint.
I havent really thought this whole thing through properly... now that Hoarknockle is painting, I have no one to minister to my demands for libationary sustenance....and I cant seem to remember any of the other servants names, how do I call for anyone?
I wonder if Lady Sandra knows?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

...and once again...from the top...

back from the land of chocolate and wild yeast beers...and the famous Fabrique Nationale weapons factory! Yes Belgium.
Hoarknockle is holding me steady as I plunge recklessly into my HISTORY STORY project. (Although the title may change depending on my mood and whim)
The grant I received from the Saskatchewan Arts Board will allow me to work almost exclusively on this project which will deal with the notion that I have to explain my background to the people I get to know in the country I now call homeland. Because I was born on a different continent and have boxes full of real and metaphorical stuff to share and explain, my work will deal with the concept/metaphor of boxes and the contents.
The white boxes shown in the photo were custom made for this project and have all kinds of wonderful hidden, sliding panels on which I can paint. So far its all priming and getting them ready...quite a lot of preparation before one can get to the juicy stuff.
I now have red and white wine piped to taps in my studio, a large supply of cripplingly expensive cigars and a new collection of artistic cravats and berets to wear while I paint.
Lady Sandra is out tending to the poorly as she usually does. The boy wonders are individually either flying a kite or riding a bicycle very quickly.
Rather exhilarating!
Its about time for my snack of crepes and melted Belgian chocolate...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Rather like finding a lifetime supply of champagne hidden in a dark part of the wine cellar. The Saskatchewan Arts Board was generous enough to offer me a grant (a fistful of dollars in real terms) and this will allow me to pursue more personal work without concern for commercial return.
It will also mean that Hoarknockle will be able to devote his full attention to my every need while I paint for every waking hour.
I shall be pursuing work for an exhibition themed around the idea of how we explain ourselves and how stories are re-used and retold and how they can change and vary and suffer changes in narrative order. How does this affect the verity of the story?
This is a wonderful thanks to the Arts Board!
And now... entering from stage left is Hoarknockle, resplendent in a black velvet and leather ensemble, bearing libations for the long suffering artisanal gin I believe? Life can be demanding!

Monday, July 5, 2010

live from a screen

an interview done recently.
The cat image is visible during the creation of the art .
Hoarknockle managed to stay off camera.